Summer Migration Fellowship

The Region of Puglia

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Puglia is one of Italy’s southern regions known for its white sandy beaches, incredible cuisine, and warm hospitality.

Puglia is also widely regarded as ‘ground zero’ for modern day migration to Italy. After the fall of communism, in the summer of 1991 tens of thousands of Albanians disembarked ships in the ports of Bari and Brindisi, escaping danger and poverty in search of a better life.

Today, the same ports in Bari and Brindisi have seen hundreds of thousands of Migrants and Refugees pass through from Sub Saharan Africa, Syria, and the Middle East, escaping danger and poverty in search for a better life.


Onsite Work:

Students of the Summer Migration Fellowship work on site at two locations in Brindisi.

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The Caritas of Brindisi is a catholic run social welfare organization that offers meals, shelter, and other services to members of society living on the margins. Students volunteer for two days a week in the Cafeteria, giving out food, and interacting with migrant guests who are living at the charity.

The ‘Centro Accoglienza per Richidienti Asilo’ is a "‘Welcome Center’ where migrants stay while their processes for political asylum are processed. Students of the summer migration fellowship lead workshops at the C.A.R.A three times per week .


What Students have said…

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This summer I was a sponge: learning all there was about each and every aspect of my experience. This was not simply a job where you lead workshops for migrants, but rather it was a completely immersive experience; each aspect unfolding like the layers of an onion....and they all showed me a greater understanding of the global society in which we live
— Mary Hutti, Summer 2018
Not only did this internship invoke my passion for social justice, it also allowed me to step into a position that I formerly thought was unreachable...I left the end of this internship feeling accomplished, sentimental, and ready to share what I learned
— Michele Canny, Summer 2018