Summer Session 2020


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Course Offerings for Summer 2020:

  • Business 309: Environment, Business and Ethics (this interdisciplinary course can also be taken for philosophy credit)

  • Philosophy 309: Environment, Business and Ethics (this interdisciplinary course can also be taken for business credit)

  • Political Science 377: Global Health Governance

  • Italian 201 Intermediate or Italian 381 Advanced Italian 

  • Social Science 395: Immigration & Globalization (service learning required)

  • Theology 261: World Religions

Sicily Social Justice Tour:

The Sicily Social Justice Tour will explore a number of pressing human rights themes in and outside the classroom. The central themes of the tour are:

  • Migration and its impact on foreign markets

  • The Sicilian mafia past and present

  • Human trafficking and prostitution

Historically Sicily has been influenced by external powers dating back to the Phoenicians in the 9th century BC. In recent years, following the turmoil of the Arab Spring and its aftermath, suddenly hundreds of thousands of migrants climbed out of boats, walked into Italy and are attempting to integrate into villages and towns. Migration is a deeply emotional issue and attitudes have recently shifted resulting in tightened government policies curtailing the inflows of refugees and pushing thousands back into danger in Libya. This is a monumental moment to live and study in Italy.

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Siracusa, Sicily

The Corinthians first settled one of Sicily’s most visited cities Siracusa in 734 BC. Emperors, politicians and poets have considered Siracusa to be the most beautiful city of the ancient world. Our time in Siracusa will include meetings with community leaders, exploring the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, archaeological excursions, and evenings encountering Sicily’s remarkable cuisine.

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Mt. Etna, Sicily

Mt. Etna is Europe’s largest volcano and one of the world’s most active. We will be led by guides exploring the fascinating natural environment to include lava flow caves and craters all flanked by pristine alpine forests.


Palermo, Sicily

This vibrant City rests at the foot of Europe and in the center of the ancient world. The Ballaro neighborhood serves as a model for the future of Europe as migrants arriving from as far east as Afghanistan and reaching south to sub-Saharan Africa have revitalize this neighborhood that for decades was in a state of decline. Palermo has an enormous soul and in a few brief days we will meet some of the City’s young leaders who are bringing about change.


Calendar & Fees

May 16:  Arrival in Bologna

May 17: Orientation tour of Bologna

May 18: Classes Begin

June 12-19: Sicily social justice tour

June 20: Summer session ends (noon)


Tuition (3 academic credits)    $1,510

Room & Board                          $2,000

Travel Fee (7 days Sicily)           $1,290

Comprehensive Fee (includes Int’l insurance)  $500

Total                                              $5,300

* 6-credit Program Total   $6,050

* Does not include airfare to and from Europe