Brindisi, Italy

The Italy Center Summer Migration Fellowship takes place in the port city of Brindisi. Students live in a community in an apartment in the historic town center. Brindisi is centrally located in the region of Puglia, about 1 hour train ride from Bari, Puglia’s other biggest port and just 30 minutes from the charming university town of Lecce.


Brindisi is often regarded as ‘ground zero’ for modern migration to Italy. After the fall of communism, in august of 1991 tens of thousands of Albanians arrived in the port of Brindisi escaping poverty in search for a better life in Europe. As of tens of thousands of migrants have have passed through Brindisi’s port from Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East escaping poverty and searching for a better life.

The Puglia Region

The southern Italian region of Puglia is known throughout Europe for its white sandy beaches, incredibly rich cuisine, and traditional culture. Relatively undiscovered by foreigners, Puglia offers students of the Italy Center Summer Migration Fellowship an authentic glimpse into southern Italian traditions and lifestyles.