What has this project meant to participants?

The Italy Center Summer Migration Fellowship is going into its third year of existence. Here is what participants have said about their experiences:


“This summer I was a sponge: learning all there was about each and every aspect of my experience. This was not simply a job where you lead workshops for migrants, but rather it was a completely immersive experience; each aspect unfolding like the layers of an onion....and they all showed me a greater understanding of the global society in which we live”

Mary Hutti, Summer 2018


“You could ask anyone who knows me... before my summer in Puglia I was entirely unsure what to do with my life. Though I still don’t know the exact details, witnessing the reality of the migrant crisis in its most raw form gave me the clarity to pursue a greater understanding of what it means to be a human on the move in our world today.”

-Micah Pfotenhauer, summer 2017

Mary Huti.png

“Something I frequently experienced during this program was unconditional kindness, compassion, and understanding from complete strangers. Rather than withholding emotions in order to project a certain image or viewing interactions as a transaction, these presented the truest versions of themselves to people they may never meet again”

-Alessandra Testa, Summer 2017